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Company name : TENTEX Ltd.
Address: Head office: 11 bouboulinas street, 3nd floor 1060 NICOSIA,CYPRUS P.O.BOX 27783, CY 2433
Web: www.tentex.com.au
Tel: ++61 3 9357 6536
Fax:++61 3 9357 6535
Mob: ++61 410 552 345

About US

 TENTEX is dynamic and innovative Machinery Company that offers global solutions for all types of automated production applications.
TENTEX was founded 7 years ago and draws on knowledge, resources and expertise from Asia, Europe and Australasia.  The directors of TENTEX have had over 60 years combined experience in the design and commissioning of high output automated machinery.
TENTEX’S range of machines incorporates,
  • Fully computerised and automated quilting machines
  • Sewing machines for the mattress industry,
- flanging, label attachment, over lockers, sergers, handle attachment, quilt repair etc
  • Automatic Tape Edge machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Spring machines
  • Fully automated and computerized conveyer systems
  • Carding lines